Rittal: RiMatrix HPC using innovative Direct Chip Cooling
Event Type
Exhibitor Forum
TimeWednesday, June 24th9:06pm - 9:20pm
DescriptionTechnological innovation is one of the foundations of the improved quality of life of people and industrial progress around the globe. Digital twins, autonomous things, artificial intelligence, augmented analytics and smart cities are just a few keywords behind which high-performance networks and data centers facilities hide. RiMatrix NG (Next Generation) is the perfect solution worldwide from small single edge datacenters up to enterprise, hyperscale and HPC data center. In fact, a couple of these recent innovations are built on the foundation of high performance computing (HPC).
HPC has two meanings: the first refers to the computing power required to provide the machine learning, augmented reality, etc., demanded by many applications; the second is that these computers literally require high levels of electrical power. Unfortunately, the conventional means for handling the heat generated by computers is just not able to keep up with the rapid densification at all levels.
A new approach, Direct Contact Evaporative Cooling (DCEC), integrated in the RiMatrix NG IT infrastructure system supports HPC requirements while saving space and energy. The RiMatrix NG system and the innovative direct-on-chip evaporative cooling solution from ZutaCore meet and surpass the challenges posed by server-level hot spots and edge computing requirements, while mitigating the risk of IT failure due to the fact that not water, but a refrigerant is used for chip cooling. Furthermore, the two-phase liquid cooling is prepared for any evolution in high-powered chips, as there is no limit to what it can cool as processors progress upwards of 900W.
Head of Product Management IT