Intel: Accelerate Insights with AI and HPC combined
Event Type
Exhibitor Forum
TimeWednesday, June 24th5:47pm - 6:01pm
DescriptionWe have seen several transformational waves in computing over the last few decades, and we believe AI is a key one. It has significant impact in many research and industrial areas enabling users to get more actionable insight from data. Insights from Numerical simulation and modeling - commonly labeled as “HPC” was also one of the important developments in the last decade – and is an area which has overlap with AI: Key questions are: Where you use AI methods to augment the simulation and modeling applications? – how can you run AI applications on HPC Systems efficiently?
In this presentation we will address those questions and give an overview of respective technology for Artificial Intelligence, including hardware platforms & software stacks with a special focus on how to enable successful development of AI solutions. We will look into how to do this on the datacenter technology you know and use today, as well as specific technology for AI workloads. This will also be illustrated with practical customer examples