Stäubli: Refresh Your Ideas about Thermal Management
Event Type
Exhibitor Forum
TimeWednesday, June 24th9:34pm - 9:48pm
DescriptionRefresh your ideas about thermal management.
Thermal management has always been an important topic in electronic.
Since cooling with air is reaching the limits now, liquid is becoming the technology adopted.
Using liquid, one of the concerns is the serviceability of the systems: both liquid and electronic components are not compatible!
By this fact, Quick disconnect are becoming key components and this is where Stäubli brings his expertise. Reliability, high quality machining, series test, flush face design, cleanliness of fluid…. All those different aspects are some strong points to consider when adopting liquid cooling.
Working with different industries using liquid cooling, Stäubli has developed a strong experience to designed quick disconnect that can be disconnected without loss of fluid. By working closely as a partner with our customers, Stäubli brings his expertise to integrates quick disconnect in different configurations: at rack level with blind mate connection, at manifold level or on the Cooling Distribution Unit.
The Stäubli group brings to this industry a worldwide network to be able to manage global projects, servicing thermal management teams as well as industrial teams, to bring know how, suggestion, service, in order to have liquid cooling adopted with confidence and safety.
Thermal Management Market Specialist