NVIDIA: Accelerating Discoveries
Event Type
Exhibitor Forum
TimeWednesday, June 24th7:12pm - 7:26pm
DescriptionHigh performance computing and Artificial Intelligence are the most essential tools fueling the advancement of science. NVIDIA GPU and Networking technologies are the engine of the modern HPC data center, delivering breakthrough performance with fewer servers resulting in faster insights and dramatically lower costs. Over 700 GPU-accelerated applications in a broad range of domains are optimized for GPUs, including all 15 of the top 15 HPC applications and every major deep learning framework.

Mellanox HDR InfiniBand enables extremely low latencies, high data throughput, and includes high-value features such as smart In-Network Computing acceleration engines via Scalable Hierarchical Aggregation and Reduction Protocol (SHARP) technology, high network resiliency through SHIELD’s self-healing network capabilities, MPI offloads, enhanced congestion control and adaptive routing characteristics.

These capabilities deliver leading performance and scalability for compute and data-intensive applications, and a dramatic boost in throughput and cost savings, paving the way to scientific discovery.
Mellanox Senior Vice President of Marketing at NVIDIA
Vice President, Solution Architecture and Engineering at NVIDIA