Atos: HPC / AI converged solutions to support scientific applications
Event Type
Exhibitor Forum
TimeWednesday, June 24th2:56pm - 3:11pm
DescriptionThe scientific community needs to develop its next generation applications taking full advantage of the benefits of AI. Atos, as a key European player in the HPC market, mobilizes technological expertise and solutions to support this requirement.

This presentation will address the challenges encountered in the area of HPC / AI simulation and will present Atos capabilities to support its customers including the AI performance that can be reached. This will be illustrated through some use cases developed jointly by Atos AI Research & Development team and some of its customers.

Successfully managed HPC / AI simulation requires not only to adapt the design of large scale HPC/AI systems and data collection features but also to define a software approach to ensure convergence of HPC and AI workflows. Atos Hybrid HPC/AI open source application orchestrator, named YORC ( , is one of the key assets to support HPC/AI converged application.
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