E4 Computer Engineering: The New E4's High Performance Solutions for an Agile Infrastructure
Event Type
Exhibitor Forum
TimeWednesday, June 24th4:22pm - 4:36pm
DescriptionThe rapid change of markets, the birth of new applications and the continuous and constant increase of data to manage, process and analyze, have characterized the development of increasingly complex architectures. To meet these needs, E4 has created an internal factory equipped with tools for scouting new products and for CI / CD processes, which works continuously to identify emerging open source projects that perform precise and granular functions and that have reached the right level of stability and maturity to be used profitably in the high performance computing world.
Thanks to this standardized innovation process, E4 offers its customers four software solutions, which, in combination with HPC and GPU hardware infrastructures, allow customer's IT departments to make extremely complex technologies accessible to its users in a simple, fast and flexible way, improving the business.
Digital Transformation Officer