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Exhibitor Forum
TimeWednesday, June 24th4:36pm - 4:50pm
DescriptionAs sectors that are familiar with automation, manufacturing and production businesses are now transitioning AI from experimental to applied technology. Larger companies will have technology readiness processes to help guide and validate data-driven analytics, though smaller organizations may need to build up an AI governance procedures to monitor and manage risk, performance and value. A fertile area of AI deployment is what we are calling Augmented Engineering. Such solutions amplify the capabilities of the skilled technician, operator and engineer to enable them to perform their work faster, more accurately and reliably. Similar to augmented reality, Augmented Engineering expands the interpretable domain of the individual, who are already highly-trained in their field, allowing them to cope effectively with more challenging decisions and throughput scale up. The most valuable application of Augmented Engineering are in processes with three common factors:
• Repeatable but not repetitive; that is frequent and regular but where qualified analytical skills are used for each case individually.
• Subject to human error, where a failure would have a non-negligible impact.
• Is directly on the critical path to create the business offering.

AI algorithms for such augmentation of human expertise can have common foundations (eg. Time Series, 3D non-destructive testing), though need precise adaptation and validation for the specific use case. Used in tandem with the complementary technologies of process automation and application code platform, such data analytics ensures augmented engineering enables firms to promptly and reliably progress towards specific business goals.
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