Rescale: The Future of Innovation Powered by Big Compute
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Exhibitor Forum
TimeWednesday, June 24th8:52pm - 9:06pm
DescriptionToday’s world does not look like the future many of us saw as children in movies and popular science, because there’s been asymmetrical progress between two types of innovation. Both are shaped by developments in computing and software, albeit at different paces. We can classify these innovations connectivity-driven and applied science. Fifty years ago, futurists anticipated much more innovation in the applied sciences than we have seen.

Shifting HPC workloads to the cloud means for the computing part of the equation, applied science innovations will soon be on equal footing as its connectivity-driven cousins. Cloud providers are making the specialized HPC infrastructures available on demand. Simulation software vendors are shifting their licensing models for utility consumption. New platforms are helping to bring it all together as turnkey solutions, making the cloud tolerable for HPC veterans who have spent decades managing hardware.

Large enterprises like Nissan and Trek Bicycle are already doing HPC in the cloud to advance applied science innovations. In recent years we’ve also seen a rapid expansion of VC-funded startups in the electric car, aerospace and space industries. For these startups, a cloud-based approach to running simulations is the default starting point. The agility of cloud computing coming to applied science innovations won’t address the constraints of political policy and ideology to help society solve it’s biggest problems. But for those who’ve had their fill of social/mobile/local webapps and want to see an improved pace of applied science innovations, there is reason to be optimistic.
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