Climb HPC Mountain: The OpenFlightHPC Open-Source Project
Event Type
Project Poster
TimeTuesday, June 23rd3:52pm - 3:54pm
LocationAnalog 2
DescriptionOpenFlightHPC, launched November, 2019, is an open-source community developing a flexible, functional and stable HPC stack that can be launched on any platform. The aim of our project is to develop separate, modular tools that cover the entire cluster building process. From designing to deploying to managing the cluster architecture for any workflow. Part of this project is the inception of the ‘HPC Mountain.’ This mountain breaks down the stages of HPC cluster creation into logical pieces, with tools being developed to address each stage of the process. All the tools will be stand-alone such that each one can assist cluster creation even if other tools are used for earlier or later stages of the build process. With so many possible use cases and individual workflows out there it is our vision to create flexible tools to support all of these possibilities.

This project poster outlines the HPC Mountain structure and points to our initial work in OpenFlightHPC - that of laying the groundwork diagrams and process structure for the toolkits to be built upon. Our intention is for users of the OpenFlightHPC project to be focused on creating a standard practice in order to achieve the result of a consistent user experience regardless of what platform(s) they choose to run in.
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