ESiWACE HPC services for Weather and Climate models
Event Type
Project Poster
TimeTuesday, June 23rd3:59pm - 4:01pm
LocationAnalog 2
DescriptionThe Centre of Excellence in Simulation of Weather and Climate in Europe (ESiWACE) will push the global high-resolution demonstrators towards production-ready simulations on European pre-exascale and future exascale systems. ESiWACE2 will further focus on exploring and exploiting suitable innovative technologies such as Domain Specific Languages, on the development of processing tools for more efficient I/O and visualisation and on providing enhanced services, training and benchmarks for the community. During its second phase, a set of open HPC services dedicated to the Earth system modelling community in Europe are proposed. The idea is to create collaborations that provide guidance, engineering and advice to support weather and climate models. Three type of service are: Service 1 dealing with model portability and refactoring; Service 2 on coupling, input, output and workflows; Service 3 for weather and climate benchmarking. The poster focuses on granted Service 1 projects for 2020 dealing with FESOM2, EMAC, DALES and OBLIMAP2 codes. An overview of each project is presented with the associated goals. Through this poster we encourage other groups developing and maintaining weather and climate codes to apply to next project calls.
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