The HPC.NRW Competence Network
Event Type
Project Poster
TimeTuesday, June 23rd4:37pm - 4:40pm
LocationAnalog 2
DescriptionHigh Performance Computing (HPC) is an essential factor for many domain scientists in order to drive excellent research. The German state of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) has a diverse HPC ecosystem covering system of all levels (Tier-0 to Tier-3) across almost all universities and federal research facilities. HPC.NRW is working towards establishing and maintaining an HPC competence network providing in-depth HPC consulting services, trainings, tutorials and workshops in addition to pure hardware infrastructure for scientists across the state. This enables especially young domain scientists to use HPC resources efficiently and extend their methodological skills. The competence network combines the expertise of the bigger university Tier-2 centers with those of level 3. It offers a competent and diversified contact and consulting point for the HPC users as well as for the operators of these systems. Furthermore, the structured provision of HPC resources and a similar software environment will lead to an increased bidirectional permeability between Tier-2 and Tier-3 systems and a harmonized user experience across all centers and the different HPC platforms in NRW. The statewide consulting services include user support regarding the selections of a suitable center and the computing time application. The competence network will establish a uniform and science-driven application and approval procedure for Tier-2 systems. Moreover, it will promote the quality of operation in terms of software equipment, monitoring, capacity utilization and efficiency control.
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