The First Workshop on LLVM Compiler and Tools for HPC
Event Type
Live Stream
TimeThursday, June 25th6am - 11pm
LocationMonte Rosa 1,2
DescriptionThe LLVM framework is a vast ecosystem surrounding a compiler core which enabled various advances in source-code tools, debuggers, linkers, and a whole host of programming-language and toolchain-related components. In addition to the open source components in the LLVM framework, e.g., Clang, Flang, MLIR, LLDB, etc., LLVM also serves as a foundation for a majority of vendor compilers and toolchains. As such, most current and future HPC system will come with LLVM components that are developed in large parts in the open source LLVM code base, a multi-company, multi-research institute, industry-academia, joint-venture.

This workshop, as its already established cousin LLVM-HPC @ Super Computing (SC), will bring together the different groups interested in LLVM: compiler and tooling developers, researchers, application specialists. The workshop features compiler and tool developers that present new features to make the community aware, researchers that discuss new ideas to gather feedback and build collaborations, as well as application specialists with experience reports and requests. As such, the workshop bridges the gap that often exists between these groups in order to generate synergies, prioritize work on practical problems, as well as amplify the usage of existing solutions.