Second Workshop on HPC Education and Training for Emerging Technologies
Event Type
Live Stream
TimeThursday, June 25th6am - 10pm
LocationMatterhorn 1
DescriptionHPC is central for empowering progress in diverse scientific and non-scientific domains. A myriad of technologies in the post peta-scale computing demand a significantly greater degree of parallelism than we currently observe. The rapid advancement of new HPC technologies has facilitated the convergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data Analytics, and the HPC platforms to solve complex, large-scale, real-time analytics and applications for scientific and non-scientific fields. As we move towards exascale, the convergent computing platforms along with a paradigm shift in the programming applications for them provide both challenges and opportunities, for cyberinfrastructure facilitators and educators to prepare and support a diverse community of professionals to utilize evolving HPC, equipping them to solve complex scientific, engineering, and technological problems. The HETET20 workshop is coordinated by ACM SIGHPC-Education Chapter and fosters collaborations among practitioners to explore strategies enhancing computational, data-enabled, AI and HPC educational needs. Attendees will discuss approaches for developing and deploying HPC education and training, and keeping pace with the rapid technological advances: collaborative online learning tools, technology solutions supporting HPC, Accelerated Analytics, and AI applications. The workshop will highlight: methods for conducting effective HPC education and training for emerging technologies; promote HPC educators community; disseminate best practices.