15th Workshop on Virtualization in High­-Performance Cloud Computing
Event Type
Live Stream
TimeThursday, June 25th6am - 11pm
LocationGold 1
DescriptionContainers and virtualization technologies constitute key enabling factors for flexible resource management in modern data centers, and particularly in cloud environments. HPC operators and cloud providers need to manage complex infrastructures in a seamless fashion to support the highly dynamic and heterogeneous workloads and hosted applications customers deploy. Various virtualization-containerization technologies contribute to the overall picture in different ways: machine virtualization, with its capability to enable consolidation of multiple under­utilized servers with heterogeneous software and operating systems (OSes), and its capability to live­-migrate a fully operating virtual machine (VM) with a very short downtime, enables novel and dynamic ways to manage physical servers; OS-­level virtualization (i.e., containerization), with its capability to isolate multiple user­-space environments and to allow for their co­existence within the same OS kernel, promises to provide many of the advantages of machine virtualization with high levels of responsiveness and performance; lastly, unikernels provide for many virtualization benefits with a minimized OS/library surface. The Workshop on Virtualization in High­-Performance Cloud Computing (VHPC) aims to bring together researchers and industrial practitioners facing the challenges posed by virtualization, containerization, and orchestration techniques for deploying HPC and HPC-like applications in large data centers.