Pete Beckman is the co-director of the Northwestern-Argonne Institute for Science and
Engineering. From 2008-2010 he was the director of the Argonne Leadership
Computing Facility, where he led the Argonne team working with IBM on the design of
Mira, a 10 petaflop Blue Gene/Q. Pete coordinates the collaborative research activities
in extreme-scale computing between the US Department of Energy and Japan’s
ministry of education, science, and technology (MEXT), and leads Argo, an Exascale
Computing Project focused on low-level resource management for the OS and
runtime. He is the founder and leader of the Waggle project for AI@Edge. The Waggle
technology and software framework is being used by the Chicago Array of Things
project and is deployed in over 10 cities around the world. Dr. Beckman has a Ph.D. in
Computer Science from Indiana University (1993)