Damien Gratadour
Dr. Damien Gratadour is an associate professor at Universite Paris Diderot and research scientist at LESIA, Observatoire de Paris. Previously, Damien has been responsible for the last stages of the commissioning for the LGS upgrade to the Altair adaptive optics (AO) system on the Gemini North Telescope in Hawaii. He also spent two years as an AO scientist, with the responsibility of instrument scientist for GeMS, the Gemini MCAO System, a $15 million facility, actively participating in the acceptance tests and integration, the first stages of technical tests of the full instrument, and the digital signal processor-based real time clock. At the Observatoire de Paris, Damien is concentrating on high-performance numerical techniques for astronomy, modeling, signal processing, and instrumentation. He also coordinates several national and international HPC AO projects. Damien has a Master of Science in theoretical physics and a Ph.D. in observational astronomy from Universite Paris Diderot.