I studied electrical and computer engineering through a master-integrated 5 year program at NTUA. In summer 2018 I was part of the Julich guest programme. In November 2018 I started my PhD on "Optimization of hardware and software for next generation computing systems". My research is mainly focused on HPC, computer architecture and parallel processing with a focus on hardware accelerators and optimization of linear algebra methods.
During my first year I was part of the BONSEYES and HiDALGO projects , and I am still part of the HiDALGO project benchmark team. I have been an attendee in multiple conferences (HiPeac CSW, PRACEdays 18 & 19) , and was a PhD student volunteer in ISC’19 and SC’19. I also took part on ACACES’19 and presented a poster there. I am currently searching for ways to share my early work and get feedback from other scientists in the field.
My full CV can be found in: