Robert Sutor
Dr. Bob Sutor is Vice President for IBM Quantum Strategy and Ecosystem at IBM Research. He is responsible for driving the strategy, ecosystem, and awareness for the IBM Quantum program. In this role he works across IBM to bring together essential functions to rapidly extend the footprint of IBM Quantum as the industry-leading quantum computing hardware and software platform.

While based at IBM Research headquarters in Yorktown Heights, New York, he travels the world to meet with clients, speak at conferences and universities, and be a primary spokesman for IBM Quantum to the media and industry analysts.

In previous roles in IBM Research, Sutor led a large global group of scientists, software engineers, and designers who created and integrated leading edge science and technologies to give IBM’s clients the most advanced solutions available. The work was often mathematically-based and thus included AI technologies like machine learning, deep learning, text and image analytics, statistics, predictive analytics, and optimization. Sutor co-led the IBM Research effort to support IBM’s commercial blockchain efforts with advanced innovations across a broad range of its embedded technologies.

On the commercial side, Sutor led the IBM corporate strategies on open source/standards and mobile. He held product management roles for IBM Websphere and software on Linux. Generally speaking, if there was a new and positively disruptive software technology being brought to market, Sutor frequently had a business leadership position within the effort.

Sutor has been with IBM for 37 years, more than 22 of them in IBM Research.

Dr. Sutor has an undergraduate degree from Harvard College and a Ph.D. from Princeton University, both in Mathematics.