Research Paper: Research Paper Session
Event TypeResearch Paper
TimeTuesday, June 23rd1pm - 11pm
DescriptionResearch Paper Proceeddings:
1:00pm - 1:25pm Communication-Aware Hardware-Assisted MPI Overlap Engine
1:25pm - 1:50pm Desynchronization and Wave Pattern Formation in MPI-Parallel and Hybrid Memory-Bound Programs
1:50pm - 2:15pm DGEMM using Tensor Cores, and Its Accurate and Reproducible Versions
2:15pm - 2:40pm Embedding Algorithms for Quantum Annealers with Chimera and Pegasus Connection Topologies
2:40pm - 3:05pm Enabling Execution of a Legacy CFD Mini Application on Accelerators Using OpenMP
3:05pm - 3:30pm FASTHash: FPGA-based High Throughput Parallel Hash Table
3:30pm - 3:55pm Footprint-Aware Power Capping for Hybrid Memory Based Systems
3:55pm - 4:20pm HyPar-Flow: Exploiting MPI and Keras for Scalable Hybrid-Parallel DNN Training with TensorFlow
4:20pm - 4:45pm Load-balancing Parallel Relational Algebra
4:45pm - 5:10pm Offsite Autotuning Approach
5:10pm - 5:35pm Opportunities for Cost Savings with In-Transit Visualization
5:35pm - 6:00pm Pattern-Aware Staging for Hybrid Memory Systems
6:00pm - 6:25pm Predicting Job Power Consumption based on RJMS Submission Data in HPC Systems
6:25pm - 6:50pm Reinit++: Evaluating the Performance of Global-Restart Recovery Methods For MPI Fault Tolerance
6:50pm - 7:15pm Running a Pre-Exascale, Geographically Distributed, Multi-Cloud Scientific Simulation
7:15pm - 7:40pm Scaling Genomics Data Processing with Memory-Driven Computing
7:40pm - 8:05pm Semi-automatic Assessment of I/O Behavior by Inspecting the Individual Client-Node Timelines
8:05pm - 8:30pm Shared-Memory Parallel Probabilistic Graphical Modeling Optimization
8:30pm - 8:55pm SHARP Streaming-Aggregation Hardware Design and Evaluation
8:55pm - 9:20pm Simplifying Communication Overlap in OpenSHMEM Through Integrated User-Level Thread Scheduling
9:20pm - 9:45pm Sparse Linear Algebra on AMD and NVIDIA GPUs -- The Race is on
9:45pm - 10:10pm Solving Acoustic Boundary Integral Equations Using High Performance Tile Low-Rank LU Factorization
10:10pm - 10:35pm TeaMPI—Replication-based Resilience without the (Performance) Pain
10:35pm - 11:00pm Timemory: Modular Performance Analysis for HPC
11:00pm - 11:25pm Time Series Mining at Petascale Performance
11:25pm - 11:50pm Understanding HPC Benchmark Performance on Intel Broadwell and Cascade Lake Processors
11:50pm - 11:59pm Using High-Level Synthesis to Implement the Matrix-Vector Multiplication on FPGA