Exhibitor Forum: Exhibitor Forum
Event TypeExhibitor Forum
TimeWednesday, June 24th2pm - 11pm
2:00pm - 2:14pm Advanced Micro Devices (AMD): AMD HPC Solutions
2:14pm - 2:28pm Altair: Vision of Altair PBS Works
2:28pm - 2:42pm Amazon Web Services: High Performance Computing on AWS
2:42pm - 2:56pm Atempo Miria: Intelligent Unstructured Data Management Solution for HPC Lustre Environments
2:56pm - 3:11pm Atos: HPC / AI converged solutions to support scientific applications
3:11pm - 3:25pm Boston Ltd: HPC for Genomics Workloads - How AI and Cloud Technologies are Influencing Architectural Decisions
3:25pm - 3:39pm Caringo: How Object Storage Enables Data Visibility, Multi-Tenant Access & Protection
3:39pm - 3:53pm Colder Products Germany GmbH: Quick Disconnects for Liquid Cooling – Design, Specification & Implementation
3:53pm - 4:07pm DDN: Intelligent Infrastructure for At-scale Data Management
4:07pm - 4:22pm Dell Technologies: Dell Technologies HPC
4:22pm - 4:36pm E4 Computer Engineering: The New E4's High Performance Solutions for an Agile Infrastructure
4:36pm - 4:50pm Fujitsu
4:50pm - 5:04pm Hewlett Packard Enterprise: Asking, and Answering Big Questions in the Exascale Era
5:04pm - 5:18pm Huawei:Transforming HPC with AI
5:18pm - 5:33pm IBM Quantum: Quantum Computing on the Cloud in the 21st Century
5:33pm - 5:47pm Inspur: Inspur Full Stack AI&HPC Product Ecosystem
5:47pm - 6:01pm Intel: Accelerate Insights with AI and HPC combined
6:01pm - 6:15pm Lenovo: Genomics optimized servers accelerate Covid-19 discovery with high-throughput analytics
6:15pm - 6:29pm Micron Technology: Role of Memory in Machine Learning
6:29pm - 6:44pm Microsoft Azure: Unlock Your Innovation with Azure HPC
6:44pm - 6:58pm NEC Deutschland GmbH: Vector Computing in the Year 2020
6:58pm - 7:12pm NetApp: Flexible & Scalable Storage for Compute to Archive Data Centers
7:12pm - 7:26pm NVIDIA: Accelerating Discoveries
7:26pm - 7:41pm One Stop Systems: AI on the Fly ®: Bringing Datacenter HPC/AI Performance to the Edge to Turn Raw Data into Actionable Intelligence
7:41pm - 7:55pm Opin Kerfi: HPC solves many problems, but how do we solve the problems of HPC?
7:55pm - 8:09pm Oracle Cloud Infrastructure: Rapidly Expanding HPC Platform to Support Production Workloads in the Cloud
8:09pm - 8:23pm Panasas, Inc.: PanFS on ActiveStor Ultra Built for Price/Performance - Engineered for Manageability
8:23pm - 8:37pm QCT: Realize Your HPC/AI Potential with a Workload-Driven Approach
8:37pm - 8:52pm Quantum: Storage Architecture Considerations for Machine Learning at Scale
8:52pm - 9:06pm Rescale: The Future of Innovation Powered by Big Compute
9:06pm - 9:20pm Rittal: RiMatrix HPC using innovative Direct Chip Cooling
9:20pm - 9:34pm RSC Group: Leading solutions for HPC and Data Centers
9:34pm - 9:48pm Stäubli: Refresh Your Ideas about Thermal Management
9:48pm - 10:03pm Supermicro Computer: Accelerating Science with Supermicro GPU Systems
10:03pm - 10:17pm Tachyum: 4 Exaflops AI Training 32 Racks Tachyum System
10:17pm - 10:31pm T-Systems: "The HPC One-Stop-Shop": Combine a European public cloud and HPC
10:31pm - 10:45pm VAST Data: No More Tiers - Redefining Flash Economics to Simplify Storage and Accelerate All Applications
10:45pm - 10:59pm Western Digital: Cost Optimization through flexible CDI Storage Architecture